Where? What? When?

September 16th – Guest Speaker: Evangelist Van Ram Uk

Saya Van Ram Uk is a dynamic preacher, conducting crusades in Myanmar as well as around the world, particularly Chin Churches.  He is a classmate of Pastor Thong at Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines.  Evan. Van had undergone a 40 days fasting and prayer at the Minila Prayer Mountain, sponsored by Bread of Life Church in Manila during his study at ATS.  By the invitation of Chin Christian Church of Houston (Pastor Van Thawng Lian), he will be conducting a 3 day long crusade and revival at Chinese Grace Community Church at the corner of Corporate Drive and Townpark Drive starting from September 13,2012.  If you are interested please contact Pastor Van at 832-888-9172 for detail.

September 23rd – Guest Speaker: Rev. Hau Za Gin, Principal of Christian Theological Seminary in Tamu, Myanmar

Rev. Hau Za Gin is the fuonder and current Principal of CTS in Tamu town, Sagaing Division, Myanmar.  Tamu is a gateway to India, where the gospel of Jesus Christ can be proclaimed ib both side (India and Myanmar).  As his seminary is focused on Missions students from various parts of Myanmar are studying at CTS.  Rev. Hau Za Gin received his Bachelor of Theology (B. Th.) from Zomi Theological Seminary in Falam, Chin State, his Master of Divinity (M. Div.) from Asia Bible Seminary in Manila, Philippines, his Master of Theology (Th. M.) from Myanmar Institute of Theology in Insein, Yangon, and candidate for Doctor of Ministry.


October 20th-21st-Revival Concert                          Guest Speaker: Rev. David Lah                              Gospel singers: Sang Pi, Yadanar Oo, Aye Chan May, Phoe Phan, Nyi Pu Lay, and Zaw Myo Hla.

This event is a must to attend and be blessed spiritually.  Pray for the event and contribute for the cost.  GHBCF missions department is launching a fund raising program for this special event.  This is a two day event: Saturday night (5-9 pm) and Sunday (3-6pm. Meal will be served as you pay on Saturday.

Women Fellowship Prayer Meeting                                Theme: The Wife of Noble Character                  (Proverbs 31:10-31) 

The Women Fellowship of GHBCF holds prayer meeting once a month.  Their meeting time is divided into two parts: Educational session and prayer time. Each month a guest speak is invited to speak on women’s issues such as the importance of personal hygiene, child care and child support, understanding school system, healthcare system, and children’s safety environment, etc.  In many of the most notable women of the Bible – Hannah, Abigail, Mary, and others – prayer formed an important part of their life. Prayer time is the time for sharing their praises and needs.  Every woman is welcome to GHBCF Women Fellowship Prayer Meeting.

Youth & Young Adult Meeting: Saturday afternoon and evening

Our youth group meets every Saturday at 4:00 PM for fellowship and friendship followed by Young Adult Bible study and fellowship.  The Young Adult Bible  Study group is doing indepth study of the Bible in relation to salvation and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.  Young Adult group is open to everyone who wants to know God personally and grow into spiritual maturity.

Discipleship and Leadership Training – Wednesday Night By Pastor Thong and Pastor Mang

Believing the priesthood of every believer and recognizing that every believer needs to be grounded in the truths of God’s Word and leadership skills, we are exploring the biblical teaching of discipleship and leadership skills in the Church.  This study is a valuable way to understand the basic principles of Christian discipleship and to learn the importance of leadership skills in the Church.  These times of in-depth study are both encouraging and informative, equipping members to better know and serve God.

English Speaking Bible Study Group

Please pray for this program.  This program focuses on leaders to grow together in learning the Word of God and learning each other to know each other better and to serve the Church more effectively.